About Gecko Designs

Welcome to Gecko Designs ….and thank you for your interest.

I would like to tell you about Gecko Designs and why we do what we do. Our aim is to provide you with novel and unique design ideas, cut-out art, map memories and generally novel and customisable gift ideas for those more challenging to buy for.

In our experience gifts that are difficult to find are things like unique pcitures or wall art for children’s bedrooms, gifts for men, map memories of special places for weddings, home moves, holidays and more as well as specials which include beach hut and country scenes.

ap-gecko-greenOur main speciality is designing cut-outs and using them to create exclusive wall art, and in our shop you will be able to see what we currently have available. You can order almost any cut-out, in most sizes, in your choice of frame, with your choice of infill, material or map and you then end up with a completely customised & personalised gift that you designed yourself.

Or you can choose a heart or other cut out with your map memories inside. These are proving very popular with our customers for house warming presents, gifts to loved ones, for Mum & Dad (where they both came from), almost anything to be honest.

Children’s bedrooms was something that always frustrated me. I could never find anything new or appropriate unless I was prepared to spend shed loads of money, so this was also one of the main inspirations for our animal cut-out range with stylish boy and girl coloured infill fabrics.

And then there are men. Allegedly we are very difficult to buy for – this is not true but we do appreciate something different that has had some thought put into it, don’t we all? But most of the gifts for men were boring – shirts, aftershave, sports memorabilia, car stuff – what we offer is another idea. This was one of the reasons I went down the map, sports, cars, iconic route as men tend to find interest in these areas, are often mad on maps and love to travel, and then it became clear how versatile the map options could be.

Anyway, those are my reasons, what are yours?

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Elaine Floyd