Dogs Trust

Fundraising for Dogs TrustWe are very happy to be donating 10% of all sales made via our dedicated Dogs Trust link which is shown below and which will also be available via promotional social media activity including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest .

We have been accepted by Dogs Trust as a Corporate Friend and have committed to make the donations we have promised to them and to abide by their fundraising guidelines.  If you want to check this with them then please feel free to contact us for our supporter number so that you can cross check with the charity itself . You will, I am sure, understand why we do not publish this supporter number on the website but we are happy to satisfy anyone who needs reassurance.

Dogs Trust Link & Voucher Codes

Click any Dogs Trust Logo on this page to use the exclusive link  Fundraising for Dogs Trust

If you are having any difficulties following the link to our online shop CLICK HERE or copy and paste this url into your browser:

Our latest Dogs Trust Discount Voucher can be found on our blog page: Dogs Trust Save & Donate. (links to blog post with latest discount code)

Designs that might appeal to Dogs Trust supporters

We have a number of dog cut out art pictures and are regularly adding more as we try to satisfy the demands of our loyal customers but you will find that the Dogs Trust link and any associated discount vouchers do not limit you to purchasing only dog pictures.  We realise that dog fans, in other words smart people, have interests and hobbies beyond their canine friends so we invite you to browse all of our designs and even drop us a line if you think we should be creating a design of your favourite breed or the breed owned by someone you are thinking of buying a gift for.

And remember, you can use the Dogs Trust link to ensure they get the donation and doFundraising for Dogs Trustn’t forget to use the Dogs Trust voucher code we have running currently.  If you can’t find one or have a problem using one then just get in touch.  By using a voucher code you will receive up to 15% discount on the picture costs and you can tell all your friends about it too. They will be especially happy that you created a donation to Dog Trust.

If you would like to visit the Dogs Trust website click here.


Elaine & Tim Floyd