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Valentine’s Stock Clearance – Peak Inside! – Ends Monday 11th February (subject to availability)

Gecko Designs Valentines 2019 stock clearance

Take a Peak into my market stall stock list below and email me directly here to place your order

40% Off Market Price (Prices include delivery) – When it’s gone at this price it’s Gone! (All subject to availability)

Design Size” (In) Fabric/Maps Options Available (40% off applies to made up stock, if you want another infil it’s 20% off only) Price inc 40% off + Frame inc 40% off Frames Available
Road Bike 14×11 Tour de France 2018 £25.95 N/A N/A
Road Bike 12×12 London to Paris,LeJog( Lands End to John O’Groats),JogLe(John O’Groats to Lands End), Sea to Sea (Coast to Coast) £25.95 £38.75 AP, WW, BW
Road Bike 10X10 London to Paris, Lands End to John O’Groats £19.95 £30.95 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Mountain Bike 10×10 South Downs Way £19.95 £30.95 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Walking Boots 10×10 Wainwright’s Coast to Coast, South Downs Way, Thames Path £17.95 £29.95 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Hiker 10×10 Yorkshire 3 Peaks x 3, Lake District, Dartmoor £17.95 £29.95 AP, WW, BW, Oak
National 3 Peaks 16×8 Mountain Outlines with maps £17.95 £29.95 AP, WW, BW
National 3 Peaks 16×8 3 Walking Boots with maps £17.95 £29.95 AP, WW, BW
Female Runner 10×10 London x 2 £17.95 £29.95 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Male Runner 10×10 London x 2 £17.95 £29.95 AP, WW, BW, Oak
2 Runners – Man & Woman 12×12 Orange Stripey £19.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW
Triathlon 16×8 Union Jack x 2, Welsh Flag x 1 £19.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW
Male Nordic Walker 10×10 Purbeck Map £19.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Female Nordic Walker 10×10 Purbeck Map £19.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Love Hedgehogs 10×10 Spikey plus red hearts £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Love Birds 10×10 Small flowers + red heart, + purple heart £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Double Hearts 10×10 Red plus white hearts £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Pinot Tree 10×10 Oaktree with Wine words Hessian £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
VW “ Splitty” Camper Van 12×12 Union Jack, Blue Skulls, Red Postal £19.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW
Hot Air Balloon 10×10 Blue Stripey £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Lambretta 10×10 Male ZigZag, Union Jack x 2, Red Postal £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Vespa 10×10 Blue, Orange Stripey £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Spitfire 10×10 Union Jack x 2 £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Concorde Landing 12×12 Union Jack £19.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW
Chinook Helicopter 12×12 Union Jack £19.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW
Lynx Mk8 Helicopter 12×12 Union Jack £19.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW
Red Arrows 12×12 Union Jack £19.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW
Harley Davidson 16×8 Route 66 Maps + USA Flag £19.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW
2 Ellys – Mum & Baby 10×10 Black Liberty, Black Kimono, Navy Kimono, Brown Indian, Blue Indian, Blue Japan, Jade Indian, Turquoise £17.95 £17.95 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Three Ellys 16×8 Gecko, Red, Brown Indian, Blue Fans £19.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW
Four Ellys 20×10 Grey, Navy Fans £22.95 £34.90 AP, WW, BW, Oak
5 Ellys 20×10 Jade Indian, Black Liberty, Brown Indian, Black +Colour £22.95 £34.90 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Hippo Family 20×10 Brown Indian x 2, Blue Indian £22.95 £34.90 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Horse 10×10 Burberry £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
    DOGS & CATS      
Sausage Dog 16×8 Burberry Style, Blue Hearts £19.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW
Dachshund 10×10 Burberry, Black Liberty £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Cat & Butterfly 10×10 Black, Black Liberty, Orange (various butterflies) £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Scottie Dog 10×10 Red Tartan £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Westie Dog 10×10 Red Tartan, Green (Black Watch) Tartan £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Speedie – Greyhound/Whippet 10×10 Beige Spikey £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Staffie 10×10 Blue Hearts, Prince of Wales Check £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Beagle 10×10 Burberry £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
English Bull Terrier 10×10 St George flag, Union Jack £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Labrador 10×10 Black £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Springer Spaniel 10×10 Blue Springs, Gold design £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Cocker Spaniel 10×10 Black Liberty £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Jack Russell 10×10 Burberry, Houndstooth £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Viszla 10×10 Black Kimono £17.95 £32.75 AP, WW, BW, Oak
Hiker 8×8 Yorkshire 3 Peaks, Lake District x 2 £5.20 N/A N/A
Walking Boots 8×8 South West Coast Path x 2, Wainwrights x 4 £5.20 N/A N/A
Road Bike 8×8 Lejog, London-Paris £6.40 N/A N/A
Male Runner 8×8 London x 4, Winchester, Weymouth £5.20 N/A N/A
Female Runner 8×8 London x 3 £5.20 N/A N/A
Male Nordic 8×8 Purbeck x 6 £5.20 N/A N/A
Female Nordic 8×8 Purbeck x 2 £5.20 N/A N/A
Golfer 8×8 Male ZigZag, Union Jack £5.20 N/A N/A
2 Ellies 8×8 Jade, Blue Liberty, Brown Indian, Grey, gecko £5.20 N/A N/A
Cat & Butterfly 8×8 Grey x 2, Purple, Black x 3 £5.20 N/A N/A
Westie 8×8 Red Tartan x 2, Green Tartan £5.20 N/A N/A
Beagle 8×8 Burberry x 3 £5.20 N/A N/A
Eng Bull terrier 8×8 St George Flag x 2 £5.20 N/A N/A
Staffie 8×8 Blue+Hearts, Red+hearts, Houndstooth £5.20 N/A N/A
Red Arrows 8×8 Union Jack x 2 £5.20 N/A N/A
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Easter Prize Draw – The Result

Here is a video of the first draw of three in the Spring competition from Pecage and Gecko Designs. If you did not win on this occasion you will still be entered into the next two draws. If you were not registered then you can register here:

[mc4wp_form id=”1943″]

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Only 3 days to register for our free easter prize draw

easter prize drawEaster Prize Draw just 3 days away – The first draw in the Pecage 2018 Spring Competition is due on Bank Holiday Monday. Register free now to be included in this PLUS the next two draws in May and June.

Don’t miss the chance to miss winning a £20 picture this week and up to £180 more in the next 2 months. Simply register using the form below:

 [mc4wp_form id=”1943″]

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Spring and Easter Giveaway from Gecko Designs and Pecage

spring and easter giveaway25% off sale on our Etsy Shop, 15% off on Gecko Designs website and up to £200 to be won in our Spring Prize Draw.


Easter is coming so we have some great discounts for you to find personalised gifts and home decor on both our own website or if you prefer our Etsy Shop. Plus our £200 Spring Prize Draw continues and remember there are three draws and the first one will be on Easter Monday. If you register for the prize draw before Easter Sunday you will be in ALL three draws. Why not try all three.

For Etsy just follow the link below, for Gecko Designs just place your order and use code easter15 at checkout and to enter the prize draw just use the yellow bar a top of the webpage you are looking at or follow the link below;

                             Pecage 2018 Spring Draw

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Gecko Designs in Crafty Gift Boutique

Gecko Designs in Crafty Gift Boutique, Dorchester.

Gecko Designs is expanding it’s coverage in the County Town of Dorchester and are pleased to have a display in the Crafty Gift Boutique in Trinity Street which is open 6 days a week so if you can’t find Tim on his stall in Dorchester or Bridport and you need a Pecage by Gecko Designs picture come along to Trinity Street, just long from the cinema to see what is there.

There is only a small selection in the shop but the lovely Cheryl is happy to take orders and can answer any immediate questions if you cannot get hold of Tim. You can order any of my designs here.

So remember 6 days per week, Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am.

One Other Thing: Sign Up for the Spring Prize Draw to win up to £200 in Pecage by Gecko Designs vouchers to buy gifts and art for you and your family. Look for the yellow sign up band at the top of the screen.

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Free Spring Prize Draw from Gecko Designs and Pecage

Pecage 2018 Spring Prize DrawFree Spring Prize Draw for Gecko Designs Pictures

Celebrate the arrival of Spring 2018 and grab yourself up to £200 in the Spring Prize Draw offered by our alter ego Pecage. Simply sign up for the newsletter either on the Pecage or Gecko Designs websites and you are in the draw for a total of 4 prizes over 3 draws for up to £200 of Gecko Designs pictures of your choice either via the market stall or online.

Runs from today until the main draw on Friday 1st June. Draws on Easter Monday and 6th May but the sooner you register the more chance of getting into all 3 draws.

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Coast to Coast Cycle St Bees Head Robin Hoods Bay Route

Coast to Coast Cycle St Bees

The Coast to Coast Cycle St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay Route you take might not exactly reflect the classic Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walking route using the same start and finish points but it will be pretty close. This is largely due to the use of cycleways, roads, tracks and bridleways rather than footpaths but it’s still your choice whether you dip your toes in the sea at both ends.

For example Trailbrakes have a route starting at Ravenglass on the West coast just 16 miles to the south of St Bees itself rather than St Bees to take advantage of different trails. Just remember that all roads out of St Bees are uphill!

Anyway – the fact is that there are loads of different routes so hanging my hat on a particular map is difficult. So I will base this information on the well known Tim Woodcocks version called the Wheelwright’s Coast to Coast. Whilst being an excellent route it does come with a word of warning as it does go over Black Sail Pass, Wasdale Head and Walna Scar Road. Other options could be to go via Scarth Gap Pass, into Honister Pass for example.

Insider Information

The route through the Lakes is very hard going, the North Pennines are moderate, Vale of Mowbray is very easy and the North Yorkshire Moors is moderate.

One option is to follow the Sustrans C2C route to Keswick, then do the Old Coach Road and drop south to Pooley Bridge, then pick up the Wheelwright’s route from there. The Wheelwright’s uses the Tan Hill road from Barra’s, instead of the Nine Standards which after a period of heavy rain is very hard going underfoot and is not impossible on a bike.  Tan Hill Inn is the highest Inn in England and a great spot for a pint. Then the descent into Swaledale exciting to say the least.

How to recognise your achievement

Coast to Coast Cycle St Bees Mountain BikeThe Coast to Coast Cycle St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay Route is a great challenge. I have found all the information in this blog whilst researching the maps and data to enable me to create a picture for a customer. He had completed this route more than 20 years ago and it is still a strong memory for him. He chose the colour of the cycle frame to match the bike he used. My previous bike picture for Coast to Coast Cycle used the Sustrans C2C route which is very popular although the start and finish points are always in some doubt given the multiple variations. I have also produced this using my Tandem Design and the Road Bike Design.

Useful Links;jsessionid=7A8A3CF08FA3819097651C26C8EFC1AF.fe1?fileId=ccnsuzselpzfqoyn

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South Downs Way Cycle Route

south downs way cycleReally useful maps, routes and information for the South Downs Way Cycle Route plus some great ideas. Whilst researching I found lots of references, maps, links and information that would be really useful to anyone looking at having a go at cycling the South Downs Way. These include a South Downs Way Map as well as information about a hardcore 1 day planned charity south downs way cycle challenge for 2018 from The BHF British Heart Foundation. Additional links for this are at the bottom of the page.

South Downs Way Mountain Bike AchievementI was looking for maps I could use for a personalised mountain bike picture for a friend who was planning an adventure to complete the South Downs Way cycle route on a mountain bike. Many people walk it but doing it on a mountain bike is also an option. Most cyclists take 2-4 days to cover the 100 or so miles from Winchester to Eastbourne (you can do it the other way around but many agree that cycling towards the sea rather than away is the better option.) There are other nutters though that aim to do it in just one day. If this is of interest look at this review of how tough the BHF one day challenge really is.

The mainly off-road mountain bike route follows the escarpments and ridges of the South Downs through Hampshire and Sussex with some breathtaking views along the way. The south Downs Way cycle route follows the ancient chalk ridge of the South Downs from Winchester to Eastbourne and the elevated position makes for some stunning views over the Weald to the North and the English Channel to the south. Ancient monuments, nature reserves, sites of special scientific interest and picturesque towns and villages are all there for you to see. The route is shown by blue, plum and red arrows.

Useful Links:


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Gecko Designs Market Stall Virtual Tour

Welcome to the Gecko Designs Market Stall

Take a closer look at our in-house contemporary art concept called #Pecage as I try to help you get the same impact as my customers that have been able to come and see the stall and products in person.

If you have only found us online then I am sorry you have not had the opportunity to visit the stall but on a windy day in Dorchester, as I waited for Storm Brian to hit, I shot a pretty amateur video with wind noise and reflections off the glass and an off the cuff narration by yours truly.

Visitors to the Gecko Designs market stall stop and stare and become inspired as they can visualise how our in-house contemporary art concept called #Pecage can produce something that will really work. Some become quite emotional as basically they ‘Get It!’

Something completely new, they can forget all the same old gift ideas and give a gift that really means something to the lucky recipient. Something really different, something amazing. Their words not mine!

If you have only found us online then I am sorry you have not had the opportunity to visit the stall but on a windy day in Dorchester, as I waited for Storm Brian to hit, I shot a pretty amateur video with wind noise and reflections off the glass and an off the cuff narration by yours truly.

Not brilliant but it gives you a feel for what I do, a snapshot of some of my designs and fabric/map combinations, and some close up detail of the precision cut mounts and quilted fabric for some of the pictures and the unique and ground breaking map options offered by #Pecage.

So dive in, get in touch with your inspiration and remember that any of the designs can be made with any of the fabrics or maps to suit your requirements. So Welcome to my Gecko Designs Market Stall. I hope we can speak soon.

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Christmas Presents for Men – Personal gifts he will love this Christmas

christmas presents for him

Ask any woman and she will tell you men are difficult to buy for and that finding Christmas presents for men is an annual challenge. So what if you could find a unique, original and personal Christmas present for him that he will absolutely love – then you will have found the perfect gift. Enter the world of Pecage!

I hear it every day when people visit my market stall. The subject is more often than not about how difficult it is to find men’s gift ideas that are something different, unusual or unique as a present for him. Whether it be boyfriend, fiancée, husband, dad or brother, it matters not they are all a problem to buy for but what actually constitutes the best gifts for men depends on who is buying it.

christmas gifts for menRemember it is a two way street when looking for Christmas presents for men. Anyone can go and buy something from a regular shop but if your male loved one is special to you, as I hope they are if you are considering buying them a present, then it pays to put in a little more effort and it needs to reflect some of your character and knowledge as well.

As we will see below there are a number of ways to make this Christmas present uniquely from you.

To absolutely ensure you buy  Christmas presents for men that no one else will have thought of there are 5 main things you will have to consider. Now don’t get despondent this will not take too long but at the end you will have a unique idea for an unusual Christmas gift for the man in your life.

Pecage Thing #1 – What are their Interests

christmas presents for himAll men have an interest in something and most have a number of key areas of interest that we can use as the first keystone of this Christmas present search. If I were you I would start by listing up to 5 areas of interest, and remember there might be latent interests that your loved male might not spend much time on but you know deep down that it is still close to their heart.

For example, I don’t make a big thing of it but I used to play a lot of rugby, I was never a real fan of football, and out of the blue my wife came up with the idea of getting me a ticket to Twickenham for the Aviva Premiership Final. Absolutely loved it and it brought back an area of interest that I am keen to rejuvenate.

So, areas of interest that we can use to come up with Christmas present ideas for men. Obviously we need to look at sports of many kinds, perhaps driving, animals, reading, watching films, music – it could be anything. Don’t hold back as we will filter these down later on as we add more ‘Things’!

Pecage Thing #2 – Memories & Experiences

We find that this is one of the most powerful emotional drivers when trying to find the perfect gift for men. Since we have been running Gecko Designs we have become awakened to just how much impact memories and experiences have on men’s happiness across the age range. I guess we often associate the word ‘memories’ more with older people but they have had experiences, and shared experiences with loved ones in the past – so was there something they often talk about that is close to their hearts.

For example my late father in law sometimes mentioned the time he drove down to the south of France in the 1940s with a mate of his. It was a long time ago but you could tell that it was still a strong emotional memory for him despite it being suppressed in the following 60+ years.

Perhaps a very strong memory is associated with a vehicle. It could be a first car, mine was a mini that was close to my heart but also many people meet and go out in a car and relationships started in cars and the cars themselves have become a poignant element of the memory that lead to a happy marriage for example.  Perhaps your man’s children now live away and he does not see them as often as he would like. Maybe he was a hippy or mod in the 60s and rode a Vespa or drove a VW Camper van to music concerts. Anything like that is great stuff to consider when looking for Christmas presents for men.

With younger people though experiences and shared experiences are very powerful images that warrant serious inclusion in the perfect gift thought process. Today life is driven by achievement and often joint achievement whether that be having a first child, running a marathon together, the wedding day, going up in a hot air balloon or even buying their first house. These achievements are solid experiences that mean a lot to the person or people involved and are typical ideas that need to be put into the perfect gift melting pot.

But you are looking for Christmas presents for men remember so maybe there were experiences that mean a great deal that did not involve you like a classic bike ride or challenge he did with a friend, playing footy with Mike down the road, restoring an old car with mates from the car club, camping in Cornwall, waterskiing in the south of France, the list can be endless.

Pecage Thing #3 – Preferences

Perfect Gifts - PreferencesOne of the other things that helps to come up with the perfect Christmas gift for a man is understanding his preferences. For example there is no point getting him something that is wine related if he is a beer lover and remember if you live with this bloke your preferences might have to get involved too.

Chances are that you have shared preferences when it comes to your home, although this is not guaranteed, for example liking wooden frames for pictures rather than white. Or knowing that your house is more black and white than red and blue in terms of home décor. Is there a preference for homely, country colours like greens and browns or do they love bright colours, stripes, or is there a generic colour that comes through via their love of a certain football club.

This reminds me of a story here on the south coast. You might or might not be aware of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. In fact some of my bio photos are taken in the coffee shop at the top.  Well, not long after I visited the tower, which was all white by the way, it was announced that Emirates were planning a sponsorship deal with Portsmouth Football Club. Now one of the key colours of Emirates is red and the plan was to re-paint the Spinnaker Tower partially red.

Supporters of the football club went skitzo because the dominant colour of Portsmouth Football Club is blue and to make it absolutely unbearable is that red is the main colour of their arch south coast football rival Southampton. Needless to say the colour scheme was redesigned and it is now blue and white. So this is a clue on preferences.

Pecage Thing #4 – Locations

Perfect Gifts - LocationsThis is an often forgotten secret to nailing the perfect gift.  All you have discovered about memories and experiences above had to happen somewhere. My wife and I got engaged in Paris and married on the Greek island of Zante for example which would be good information for someone wanting to buy me a great gift, but the location does not have to be this abroad of course.

The bike ride they did might have just been London to Brighton for example, or your man might have been, so called, exotic though it could be that the man you are planning the Christmas present for was born in Cape Town, South Africa, or Sherborne in Dorset.  They might have had a memorable holiday with the ‘’ or ‘Lads’ in Ibiza perhaps. They might have taken a year out and traveled around Asia or Australia.

christmas presents for himTheir most important memory might have been going to and graduating from University, but which one? They might have cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats, bungee jumped off a bridge in New Zealand, or run the New York Marathon.

When you think about it everything has to happen SOMEWHERE, and that ‘somewhere’ becomes very important to people and the location becomes a massive part of the visualization of any memory or experience.

Pretty much all of the custom gifts we create for people have some indication of location, mostly using maps but often words and sometimes the picture image portrays a location too, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris for example. So don’t forget this crucial location element of finding the perfect gift for someone.

Pecage Thing #5 – Unique, Individual & Original

christmas presents for menThis is where you start to put it all together to get to the Christmas presents for  men in your life.  If you want the best present for him then the main aim is to make sure that your man gift is Unique, Individual and Original.  You might be thinking how the hell can I do that?  But never fear there is a way you can create the perfect present and someone can make it for you.

What you need to do now is to bring together all the information you have assembled above, look at the options available and you could be giving a handmade, One-off or limited edition, attractive and extremely poignant gift to your man on their special day. Use #pecage to create that perfect christmas presents for men

This is where you have to become a little creative so to help you out I will give you some real examples of actual commissions our customers have asked for to enable them to give that perfect gift.

 Christmas Presents for Men – Real Examples

christmas presents for menA couple had a close family friend.  All of them were into skiing and their friend was famous within their group of skiing buddies for skiing down a mountain wrapped in a Union Jack. Christmas was looming and they were struggling to decide what to get him as a present. They saw our skier cut out and our Union Jack fabric and their perfect gift search was over.

christmas presents for himJenny’s father 70 year old father had completed the famous Dragon Devil cycle ride in Wales she was wondering what to get him for Christmas. The Dragon Devil is an enormous challenge with more than 6 massive climbs. This is an annual event and one that mad cyclists fight to get accepted to take part in. She asked us to use one of our Bicycle cut outs and use maps to signify important segments of the ride. This was the perfect Christmas gift for her Dad.

christmas presents for himJohn was visiting an old friend in France. This old friend had owned a Mark 1 Ford Capri and it had been a lasting memory for him and all their friends. John put together the two key items, Ford Capri Mk1 and France and so we created a cut out design of a Mk1 Capri and put a French Flag behind it. Delighted. Another #pecage win.

These are just some examples of how to take your hard work and come up with an idea for the perfect idea of Christmas presents for men. In a lot of cases we might be one jump ahead of you. Based on customer feedback and sales we have identified 3-4 fabric choices for each of our designs that are most popular. This does not mean that your perfect picture is not unique because the fabric placement within the picture is never the same twice.

But this does not take away your ability to make your own choices so you always have access to our wide fabric swatches and of course for that absolutely personal picture you can send us your own fabric. Clearly any map based perfect gifts are also unique to you.

So you have the idea distilled in your head, an idea of colours, locations, designs etc.  The next stage is pulling it all together and producing your perfect gift. This includes your own creativity, add some of our magic and you can create the perfect gift. Here are our Websites:

          Amazon Handmade - Gecko Designs     Esty-Pecage and Gecko Designs

  1. Select your Pecage design from one of our shops (links above) – we have a wider selection on our own website GeckoDesigns but also have Amazon Handmade and Etsy Websites
  2. Select your choice of size (if available) and select your frame preference from the dropdowns
  3. Select your choice of popular fabric – or select the ‘Custom’ option and then
  4. Select from our wider swatch of available fabrics – or
  5. Send us your own fabric
  6. Make a map choice if this is part of the design (we will be in touch directly to confirm the exact locations)
  7. For all custom choices complete ‘order notes’ at checkout and we will contact you
  8. All prices on the website include delivery
  9. Pay via Paypal, Debit or Credit Card
  10. Then it’s over to us

So go to our online shop – Gecko Designs Shop – and get started. Want to use our Amazon Handmade shop (limited products) Follow this link.

Need some more reassurance – have a look at what our delighted customers say. 

Please don’t forget to tell everyone you know how easy this is. Use our sharing options to tell everyone you know. We do run competitions and offer seasonal discounts so everyone can benefit from knowing a little more about Gecko Designs.

Thanks for reading and happy gift creating

Tim R Floyd

Gecko Designs / #pecage