Map Selection

Maps.  Well there are all sorts of maps. We tend to use AA style road maps for larger areas and A-Z maps for town and local, street level, maps.

When placing your order for a Map Moment option please select the map option on the cutout page and then use the Order Notes box at checkout to tell us the locations you want in each cut out section and we will do the rest.

We are always at the mercy of the map makers though and sometimes the particular selection you specify might have, say, a page number or something similar (more common on A-Z & Street Map selections).  In such a case we will show you this, and also tweak the location a little to minimise this issue, and then make a scan or a picture and send it to you for approval.

In some cases, and often for overseas locations, we will resort to online maps although these are often less interesting than a printed map but in some cases needs must!

We will do all we can to provide you with the perfect Map Moment artwork.


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Gecko Designs is run by Tim Floyd. A qualified engineer and marketer Tim has dumped the career and decided to design iconic, niche and interesting picture cut-outs which he backs with quilted fabric and/or maps. "I never considered myself creative but I'm really into the creating game now. love meeting people on the stall and I enjoy giving you unique and exclusive wall art for your home or as thoughtful gifts."

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